Adding value to wastewater, a circular economy solution

Scarcity of raw materials, scarcity of water, scarcity of energy: these are huge challenges facing our world today. Circular economy brings pragmatic and efficient solutions to the progressively always worse scarcity of vital resources. By completing the cycles of materials, water or energy, this “alternative” economy enables the real economy to grow, while reducing amounts extracted from the natural environment.

But circular economy is not only a question of waste collection, treatment and recycling. If its first target is of course the treatment of solid waste, it also includes all natural resources that are being always scarcer, among them water.

Once collected, wastewater undergoes purification, a special treatment that consists of “cleaning” it in order for it to be returned to the natural environment without causing pollution. Value can also be added in the form of energy or materials, or the water can be re-used.

Thanks to virtuous circles, this helps to preserve resources while protecting the environment. 

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Adding value to waste water