Commitments that make the difference


For Veolia, sustainable development is above all an issue of legitimacy for value creation. Our legitimacy is all the stronger in that we are a company serving our customers directly in the regions where they operate. The way in which we connect with the environment, support our employees and reach out to our stakeholders conditions our right to operate.

Our CSR strategy and aims contribute to our attractiveness in the eyes of our customers, investors and employees, and in turn therefore to our competitiveness.

Committed to a progress approach

The ramp-up of major industrial customers in our portfolio means that, more than ever before, we have to be exemplary. This explains why our business and CSR strategies are so closely intertwined. By creating synergy between our three businesses – water, waste and energy – our new organization, based on a single Veolia for each country, is relevant not just at the managerial level, but also at the environmental level.

Above all, it is moving in the same direction as history – toward the circular economy. We have translated our goals into formal commitments through a collaborative effort to clarify and prioritize: nine commitments, 12 key indicators and precise targets for 2020. This has meant a clean break on more than one front. We have moved from the stage of a charter to that of commitments under a progress approach applied over time. This approach involves all the company’s divisions and many operational employees, because the company’s performance cannot be gauged solely by its bottom line; its environmental, social and societal performance must also be taken into account. Such an approach adds depth and value to our proposals, making it also a significant differentiator. Proof of the importance of our commitments is that they are actively supported at the highest level in the company. Innovation is at the core of this challenge. It enables us to resolve the contradiction between growth and increasingly scarce resources. Innovation is not only technological, it must also be social, societal and even contractual; for example, with remuneration no longer based on quantities sold but on volumes saved.

Helping combat climate change

Sustainable Development
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Our commitments to sustainable development

Given its systemic vision, Veolia has a clear role to play as a “contributor” of major solutions for theplanet’s future. Regarding climate, an issue to which Veolia has been paying close attention for some years, innovation will be crucial. As an operator in the circular economy, we are in the vanguard of the fight against climate change. We work early in the process to reduce impacts at the source, but we also help regions adapt to the consequences of climate change.

If strong commitments are made at the 21st Climate Conference to be held in Paris at the end of 2015, Veolia, already a driving force behind proposals, will more than ever be at the front line of their implementation.