BiodiversiTerre, an opportunity to think about our relationship with nature - and have fun too…

After creating Nature Capitale in 2010 on the Champs-Élysées and growing wheat field on Place Vendôme in the summer of 2016, I wanted to be able to delight Parisians once again. On 3, 4 and 5 June 2017, between Place de l'Étoile and Porte Dauphine, I am inviting them to take an exploratory stroll through some eco-responsible practices during the BiodiversiTerre event - a ephemeral revegetation concept on avenue Foch.

Being a street artist is a highly political act. In the public space, the tagger, musician and happenings organizer that I am each has something to tell their contemporaries and a view of the world to share with as many people as possible. Streets - at the same time generous, free and accessible - offer enormous freedom of expression in which I am actor, producer and director... Through this, I want to reach the some 80% of French people who feel culture is not open to them.

Place Vendome

The role of emissary

I owe my commitment to nature to one particular tree. As a child, I played in Pépinière park in Nancy (East of France) under a tree that had lots of hollows - ideal for marbles and small cars. In my mind, that tree epitomized the poetry of nature. As an adult, I compared the tree to humankind with all its strengths and weaknesses. Nature has evolved with humankind and would otherwise not be the same. Nevertheless, humankind must not forget the responsibility it owes to nature and that it has to protect it for future generations.
This is the point of BiodiversiTerre, a moment in time when industrial and ecological stakeholders and local authorities show that they are thinking differently and can work together to achieve reasoned and renewed use of resources in a more circular economy. I want to trigger everyone’s awareness. My intention is not to point the finger at anybody, but to act a bit like an emissary: "here is the information, make the most of it!" Events like those we organize - from the Nice carnivals to the climate Noah’s Ark created for COP21, and from the great harvest on the Champs Élysées to the "incredible picnic" event – aim to give the keys to finding answers and spark connections so the information speaks for itself. Rather than punitive ecology, I am in favour of contributory ecology.


A desire for durability

During Pentecost weekend, Avenue Foch will host several live tableaux on the theme of biodiversity and the relationship between humankind and nature in everyday life. On the program is a labyrinth formed by paper balls that is a world first, and an agora dressed with straw bales to plunge visitors into a very rural universe before subsequently being immersed in a more urban environment such as Happy Vallée, a French-style garden, and even a potting shed. In total, 6 ecosystems will be recreated in order to encourage more widespread adoption of new practices in terms of urban agriculture, short circuits, organic products, or recycling...
Following on from BiodiversiTerre, and after thirty years of ephemeral actions, I have decided to dedicate myself to a more enduring project: InfiniTerre. A somewhat crazy construction in terms of its dimensions as I have designed it as a building. My grandchildren and the public will therefore climb it indefinitely!

Nature Paris